Security Awarness

Your challenge
We rely on humans to implement controls and policy because we cannot “engineer around the end user” avoiding incidents remains highly dependent of what your end users do. In addition, people do not act securely by nature, and secure behavior with time, especially when there is a lack of security awareness. This makes life easier for any malicious party; you don’t need to hack the system if you can compromise the human. To further complicate matters, significant changes in behavior are often required but few things are harder to change than security culture which is an integral part of company culture .

How we can help
We have a variety of services allowing the organization to instill the knowledge, ability and inclination in people to act securely.

We cover the complete scope of activities required to develop and improve security awareness: assessments (to what extent are people acting securely or not), designing and delivering content, measuring how security awareness improves and perhaps most importantly, providing the support you need to change the security culture of your organization.

It’s how SINTRX adds values .
For more information on how we can make a difference in your organization, contact your local SINTRX professional or a member of our team.