Lean Six Segma

http://imecblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/iStock_LeanSixSigma.jpgLean Six Sigma (LSS) drives transformational, sustainable bottom-line results through the use of proven methodologies that increase process speed, eliminate waste, reduce variation and improve customer satisfaction. Many companies are interested in Lean Six Sigma but struggle with dedicating sufficient full-time resources to achieve the breakthrough results that Lean Six Sigma is capable of delivering In response, SINTRX can help companies meet this need by deploying experienced resources on a shortterm basis to jump-start profitability and supplement areas of the business where resources are tightly constrained. Our teams, possessing deep skills in Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen, collaborate with clients to identify, execute and drive Lean Six Sigma projects—in all segments, applications and industries. Our Project Execution Support offering stems from knowledge gained by leading and coaching thousands of process improvement projects around the world.

Driving improvements in speed, quality, cost and flexibility while building the capability required for continuous improvement.

How we canhelp

  • Delivers operational speed, quality, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction.
  • Identifies drivers of economic profit and shareholder value to create project portfolio.
  • Drives broad cultural change and creation of a common language.
  • Builds organizational capability to create and sustain a process-performance advantage.

Our approach

Our professionals are leaders in the industry in Lean Six Sigma execution. We collaborate with organizations striving to become high-performance businesses, first, to translate their strategic objectives to actionable projects, and then to deploy teams to drive results. Our deeply skilled resources address issues ranging from broad strategic challenges to targeted Kaizen projects. Our teams have been deployed on such issues as:

  • Reducing working capital with Lean techniques that reduce inventory and significantly improve manufacturing cycle times.
  • Reducing costs in shared services to below benchmark levels and making step-function improvements in administrative efficiencies.
  • Increasing revenues by focusing on the customer and solving difficult process issues with pricing.
  • Solving long-standing issues with product safety and quality.

Our teams execute multiple projects with varying levels of complexity, and are capable of scaling to meet a client’s number and size of projects as well as its geographical locations.

Rapid improvement & Kaizen
Our distinctive ‘speed-to-results’ project selection and prioritization approach helps clients focus their efforts on the most promising organizational improvement opportunities. It is designed to engage all levels of the organization to effect a change in culture that embraces process excellence. When integrated with Lean Kaizen events, clients are able to achieve unprecedented speed-to-results.