IT Project Management

While organizations regard PMOs as having significant power to steer IT projects in the right direction, many aren’t all that effective at driving business results. They often occupy ambiguous roles and even the most effective have a limited reach – by design. Tracking, monitoring and reporting are important, but those functions fall short of actually managing outcomes. And, based on our observations, many PMOs aren’t even empowered to influence overall program direction. Despite best efforts, they’re not delivering the business.

While some organizations have added “align with business strategy” to the list of requirements for their PMOs, in most cases their actions aren’t sufficient to create the fundamental change that is necessary to influence outcomes. Put simply, it takes rethinking the PMO – not just tinkering with the existing model.

SINTRX recommends a higher-value approach to PMOs that focuses on delivering strategic outcomes, directly linking IT programs to broader organizational goals. We believe this simple shift can help remedy problems of strategic alignment in most PMOs.
SINTRX IT Project Management Office is grounded in linking smart business choices and rigorous technology implementations, often with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. That requires working from the highest-level business drivers all the way down to the most granular details of project implementation. That takes discipline above all else – with a relentless focus on creating business value through an orderly process that covers:

  • Clarifying the business requirements
  • Defining a business case, solution architecture and program roadmap
  • Determining how to quantify and measure results
  • Implementing service-oriented business and technology architectures
  • Designing processes that can easily evolve
  • Managing change to drive adoption

SINTRX has developed specific services to help an organization in its efforts to implement this unique IT project managment approach.

Bottom-line benefits

Implementing a Results Management Office can help an organization in its efforts to:

  • Align program and organizational objectives to support the delivery of cohesive, strategy-aligned projects
  • Stay on course and accelerate toward realizing business results
  • Achieve rapid shareholder adoption throughout the program lifecycle
  • Reduce the number of missteps that can lead to cost and timeline overruns or rework