ISO 27001

iso27001ISO 27001 (previously BS 7799) is a structured set of guidelines and specifications for assisting organizations in developing their own information security framework. The standard relates to all information assets in an organization regardless of the media on which it is stored, or where it is located. The standard assists organizations in developing their own information security framework.

ISO 27001 suggests development and implementation of a structured Information Security Management System (ISMS), which governs the security implementation and monitoring in an enterprise. The standard is designed to serve as a single 'reference point for identifying the range of controls needed for most situations where information systems are used'.

SINTRX Approach:
Our ISO 27001 consulting services is one of the best and proven. Our consultants are experienced and certified. We have divided our approach in to stages for methodical implementation and easy management.

  • Detailed study of business functions
  • Data Gathering
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk Treatment Strategy
  • Design or Modify
  • Information Security Plan
  • Minimum Security Base Standards(MBSS)
  • Security awareness
  • Pre-audit assessment
  • Audit and certfication processes.

Benefits of Implementing ISO 27001

Some of the benefits of implementing the ISO 27001 standard are as follows:

  • Brings your organization to compliance with legal, regulatory, and statutory requirements.
  • Market differentiation due to positive influence on company prestige.
  • Increases vendor status of your organization.
  • Increase in overall organizational efficiency and operational performance.
  • Minimizes internal and external risks to business continuity.
  • ISO 27001 certification is recognized on a worldwide basis.
  • Significantly limits security and privacy breaches.
  • Provides a process for Information Security and Corporate Governance.
  • Reduces operational risk while threats are assessed and vulnerabilities are mitigated.
  • Provides your organization with continuous protection that allows for a flexible, effective, and defensible approach to security and privacy.

Steps to certification:-
If you’re new to ISO standards , don’t worry, it’s still a simple process:

1. Choose the standard
You’ll need a copy of the standard before you can start preparing for your application. You should read it and familiarize yourself with it.

2. Make contact

We're keen to deliver what you need, whatever stage you are at with Standard. Get in touch by email or phone and we'll identify the best services for you.

3. Meet your assessment team

We’ll assign you a Client Manager, who will be your main point of contact throughout the process – and beyond. They’ll have an excellent understanding of your business area and will support you as you move forward to the assessment and registration of your standard management system.

4. Consider presentation

Whether you want to implement a management system or increase your general awareness of the standard, our new range of awareness covers every aspect of the chosen international standard.

5. Review and assessment

We can do a desktop review of your existing management system against the standard to identify omissions or weaknesses that need resolving before formal assessment. Once these have been addressed, we’ll conduct a full on-site assessment.

6. Certification and beyond

Once the assessment has been successfully completed, we’ll request for you a certificate of registration, clearly explaining the scope of your certification. This is valid for three years and your assessor will visit regularly to help you stay compliant and support the continual improvement of your systems.

It’s how SINTRX adds values .
For more information on how we can make a difference in your organization, contact your local SINTRX professional or a member of our team.