Information Security Managment System your business becomes more and more connected, it is critical to view information security and privacy as a business issue, not just an IT issue. Security threats, vulnerabilities and privacy exposures challenge every organization today, creating risks that must be understood and managed. It is essential to establish and then continually improve a security program to maintain an effectively operating IT environment as well as comply with the many regulatory imperatives you face.

Organizations are challenged to attract, retain and afford the personnel required to provide the highest levels of security. But without proper analysis and strategic sourcing, talent management can become increasingly expensive and directly impact solution quality, agility and return on investment (ROI). As trusted advisors to governments and industry , SINTRX member firms work to find smart, creative and forward-thinking strategies to cut through complexity and address cyber security challenges.

Questions for the C-suite
1-What has your organization done to adjust information security to address the changing environment?
2- Has your organization implemented the necessary information security improvements to keep up with the pace of change?
3- What impact have changes to security levels had on your organization?
4- Has your IT department done efficient
5- Are your security objectives and measures aligned to your business strategy?

How we can help
Our professionals understand your business and your industry. They comprise former CIOs, CISOs and specialized subject matter professionals. Drawing on their in-depth knowledge and extensive industry experience working with major organizations, our people can work with you to deliver sustainable, measurable and pragmatic results.
Transforming information security across your enterprise — we can help organizations to identify the 2-3% of business data that is vital to the company and to understand the multiple security challenges that confront them every day. Our enterprise security team can help you to balance people, processes and technology issues — enabling you to make better security and risk decisions, and reducing the cost of managing your overall security risk BY 4 key steps:
1- Link the information security strategy to the business strategy, and the overall desired results for the business and the its IT risks.
2- Start with a blank sheet when considering new technologies and this presents an opportunity to break down barriers and remove existing biases that may hamper fundamental change.
3- Execute the transformation by creating an environment that will enable the organization to successfully and sustainably change the way information security is delivered.
4- When considering new technologies, conduct a deep dive into the opportunities and the risks they present. Social media, big data, cloud and mobile are here to stay, but organizations must prepare for their use.

Information security Management frame work

  • Information security and IT risk management Dashboard
  • Complete suite of policies and procedures documents
  • Security posture assessment :-
    • Vulnerability assessment & penetration testing
    • Top Ten IT risks and its treatment plan
  • Security   Technology standardization (MBSS)
  • Incident response management (CERT)
  • Security training and awareness
It’s how SINTRX adds values .
For more information on how we can make a difference in your organization, contact your local SINTRX professional or a member of our team.