ERP Advisory

After years of making big investments in ERP, many business leaders are experiencing the sinking feeling that they just aren’t getting the value they expected. For some, after putting more effective processes in place, they find that the new processes are stubbornly labor-intensive. In other cases, automated systems require surprisingly large headcounts. Warning signs such as excessive past-due invoices and persistent inventory variances reflect bigger problems in the supply chain. Whatever the symptoms, the illness is unmistakable. But the cure might be easier than expected.

How we can help
At SINTRX, we realize the importance of combining deep technology experience with practical business strategy. We have access to a broad range of capabilities across consulting, financial advisory services, tax and risk management worldwide. This allows us to offer an integrated approach to service delivery, which helps us understand how ERP transformation initiatives can impact your organization. And when it comes to technology, we are leaders in getting the desired results from your investments, with an insider’s view and new developments. we are part of a strategic relationship that can deliver tangible results for our clients. We offer services in the following areas:

  • Business process redesign
  • Implementation and integration
  • Supply chain transformation
  • Finance transformation
  • Shared Services capabilities
  • HR service delivery model design
  • Project management

We provide total lifecycle guidance and support to clients that undertake an ERP implementation. We help clients navigate through each stage of the ERP project, assisting with ways to help maximize the potential business value. Combining deep ERP applications understanding with business process and control experience, we can help organizations use their systems and applications investments to:

  • Leverage ERP functionality for better optimization of processes and business performance
  • Provide the organization with timely, accurate information to enhance business decision making
  • Help increase reliance on efficient, automated Business system controls and enhance regulatory compliance while focusing on cost reduction.
  • Help improve business risk management.
  • Providing guidance to help ensure a better planned and managed implementation

The result is a system that is more aligned with business goals, and provides greater opportunity to sustain quality, improve controls and deliver long-term value.


  • We have a vendor-neutral approach in the ERP market. This provides our clients with the assurance that the advice we provide is unbiased and in their interests.
  • Our experts bring a blend of process, industry, ERP leading practices and also regulatory and compliance knowledge base.
  • We have some of the most comprehensive tools and databases that our professionals use in their engagements.
  • Our experience of reviewing implementations gives us deep understanding of their methodology and areas where opportunities for improvement exist.