Disaster Recovery Planning

When disaster strikes
DRpic1whether natural or manmade, can your organization recover quickly and seamlessly? Do you have a plan in place to ensure that you don’t lose any critical data? Are your people prepared?
The world is more connected and mobile than it was five years ago. Businesses and governments in pursuit of high performance are using technology advances to enhance operational efficiency and improve customer service, but they also create complex risks. Organizations that have prepared the enterprise for possible risks and effects of unplanned outages will be able to be proactive and quickly react to fast-moving events and eliminate or minimize the costs and risks associated with reputation and financial losses.

A strategic plan for handling disruptions—large and small, natural and manmade—is critical for avoiding interruptions to people, process and technology. Disaster recovery planning has become a mainstream operational requirement and can help your organization survive if a disruption cannot be prevented.

How we can help
SINTRX helps organizations create and execute a comprehensive disaster recovery program: definition of critical assets, measurement of impact and risk, development of recovery strategies, planning of solution development and implementation, execution of exercises, and orchestration of training to refine and build resiliency services that suit each organization and address.

SINTRX’s methodology focuses on eight process excellence areas to address a holistic disaster recovery program: 

I- Identify and assess (Impact and risk)

1- Current Recovery Capability Assessment.
 Assess and determine gaps to improve alignment of strategic business initiatives with operational and technology investments.
2. Risk Assessment/Business Impact Analysis.
Conduct a structured risk assessment to provide analysis of potential losses resulting from threats.

II- Strategy, solution and plan

3- Strategy Development and Planning.
 Develop solutions to meet the organization's recovery objectives surrounding its people, processes, operations, technology, and dependencies.
4- Program Governance. 
Identify roles and responsibilities, policies and standards, tools, and reporting metrics to measure the effectiveness of the business continuity program.
5- Emergency and Crisis Management.
 Improve disaster mitigation, response and recovery capabilities through helping organizations adopt and comply with national standards and leading industry practices.
6- Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans. 
Develop “implementable” business, operational and technology recovery plans and documentation.

III- Train, test, implement and verify

7- Training, Implementation and Exercises. 
Design, develop, deploy and execute contingency plans and exercises to complement the recovery strategy.

IV-Maintain, embed and improve

8- Operationalize.
 Embed the business continuity/disaster recovery program and capabilities to all areas of the organization through improved competencies.

Our approach
SINTRX has the capabilities and experience to help you with your disaster recovery planning:

Full, end-to-end lifecycle implementation. 
Our approach is flexible, adapting to the requirements that address crisis and emergency management; operational business recovery; and IT disaster recovery. We help organizations assess and develop their disaster recovery program, relying heavily upon capability assessments and benchmarking services, strategy development, and implementation planning. Our methods align the business organization and its mission critical programs and capabilities to the services and resources needed to sustain business operations with a governance program that continually anticipates change. 

Unparalleled resources and delivery capabilities.
 SINTRX has unparalleled functional and technical capability, industry knowledge and proven assets. Our core business continuity/disaster recovery program team has numerous global accreditations. We have supported many of clients across all industries to develop business continuity and disaster recovery assessments, strategies, implementations and operational services.

Proven results. 
SINTRX helps corporations and governments use security to both defend the enterprise against information security threats and enable the enterprise to take on innovative business initiatives while managing risks. Our approach consists of identifying the entire set of business requirements relevant to the client’s competitive markets and regulatory environment, in order to define a solution that delivers an appropriate outcome.

Contact SINTRX to find out how we can help you develop business continuity and disaster recovery plan that supports your efforts to achieve high performance.