Business Continuity Management System

When disaster strikes
whether natural or manmade, can your organization recover quickly and seamlessly? Do you have a plan in place to ensure that you don’t lose any critical data? Are your people prepared?
Due to the reliance of organizations on technology in order to do business, the need for business and service continuity has never been greater. This continuity can only be achieved with an effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) program. Moreover, stakeholders and regulatory expectations demand an approach ensuring sufficient consideration is given to both the short and long term impact of incidents, which might affect people, processes, systems or events external to the organization.

How we can help
SINTRX has the ideal Business Continuity Management solution for your budget, your sector, industry and organizational size.  We have a comprehensive selection of solutions that can be tailored for your needs.

SINTRX Health check  SINTRX Gap Analysis brings your existing Business Continuity into line with current best practice.  Ideal for businesses that need an affordable update.

Quick Start – Fixed low price, fast and ideal for small to medium enterprises getting started with Business Continuity Planning

Mentoring – For long term peace of mind, our consultants mentor your project managers to run their own Business Continuity program.  With templates, guidance and quality assurance checkpoints, you’re business is protected in house and long term.

Consulting – For businesses with unique needs, we can provide bespoke consulting services on any aspect of the Business Continuity Lifecycle.  We’ll provide an obligation free scoping discussion to determine your exact needs.

Testing and Exercising - Discover where you existing Business Continuity Plan could let you down. We’ll put your plan through its paces with a Business Continuity Exercise designed to test the robustness of what you have in place.

Managed Service – Your own Virtual Business Continuity Manager.  We’ll maintain your plans, co-ordinate exercising and training.  It’s the more affordable alternative to a permanent Business Continuity Manager for larger organizations.

Our approach
We have significant experience in Business Continuity Management and can help you put in place the necessary resilience for your organization. This will give your organization the ability to identify and prevent issues before they arise, and effectively handle the unexpected when and if it should occur. We can help you achieve this by conducting the following:

  • Business impact analysis
  • Developing business continuity plans
  • Implementing and managing your business continuity program
  • Managing training and testing program to assure that your readiness is complete and effective.

It’s how SINTRX adds values .
For more information on how we can make a difference in your organization, contact your local SINTRX professional or a member of our team.